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Patient Images now Available

The image viewer is now working in the referral portal. Studies which show an icon of a camear with a green mark should have images available. Click on the camera icon to open the image viewer.

New User Information

In order to setup users on the new system we first need to have information about the referring office. For each office we need to know the name of the practice, the names of the doctors at the practice and a list of locations for the practice. Each user must have their own account to comply with HIPAA requirements. We require each user's full name and e-mail address. This system uses e-mail to communicate with the user and does not allow duplicate e-mail addresses so each user must have their own e-mail address.

You may submit the required information by contacting our marketing department at 941-747-3034.

ACR Accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

Manatee Diagnostic Center is proud to be an ACR accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. This means our mammography and breast biopsy areas have undergone stringent testing and have met or exceeded all of the standards required by the American College of Radiology.

MDC Images and Reports available on MMH PACS

If you have privilages at MMH and have a username and password there, you may find image viewing easier using the MMH PACS system. All MDC studies since March 2019 are on the MMH PACS as well as images and reports from MMH and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. To use the MMH PACS viewer go to: http://mhspacs.com.

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